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Do you have a technology that has the potential to save lives and empower the mental well being of Californians? 

The California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA) and its affiliated counties are looking to partner with you to pilot your technology!

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According to the California Health Care Foundation, from 2012-2014, nearly 20% of Californian adults who sought mental health treatment did not receive it. It is believed that these figures may even be understated, as The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has cited that nearly 60% of American adults with mental illness do not receive any treatment. Unmet mental health needs in California are attributed to a lack of access to appropriate services and providers, as well as the cost of care, a factor that is often exacerbated by a lack of health insurance. 

While traditional mental health services play an important role in supporting those in need, novel technologies can complement standard care delivery and provide individuals and communities with more accessible and optimized mental health services that focus on prevention, early intervention, family support, and social connectedness. 

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Help@Hand is a California statewide collaborative project to bring technology-based mental health solutions to the public mental health system through a highly innovative “suite” of digital solutions. The goals of this initiative are to increase access to mental health care, promote early detection of mental health symptoms, and predict the onset of mental illness. The collaboration is piloting and deploying digital platforms that expand the capacity and capability of county mental health systems to serve individuals with a wide array of needs.

CalMHSA is an independent administrative and fiscal government agency focused on the efficient delivery of California mental health projects. CalMHSA was established in June 2009 as a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) where members work together to develop, fund, and implement mental health services, projects, and educational programs. As of June 2019, 56 counties and 2 cities are active members of CalMHSA.



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